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Diamond Tail Ranch Bison

Diamond Tail Bison Herd Photo

Diamond Tail Ranch is in the primary business of managing our grass. With this in mind, we expertly manage our herds and are constantly trying to improve our programs and our animal efficiencies through better range management. All of our animal production programs place a strong emphasis on range grazing.

Throughout our company, we recognize that the buffalo are one of the most efficient utilizers of grass. The vast “seas of grasslands” that the earliest explorers witnessed are evidence of the important relationship between grazing animals and range conditions. We don't try to micro manage our herds. We attempt to have them mimic the natural conditions in which they evolved – a strategy that allows us to minimize our inputs and capitalize on the ranges' renewable resource.

Our cow herd breeds, calves and grazes with a minimum of day-to-day contact. The herd is brought to the corrals once a year for weaning, pregnancy testing and vaccinations.

When you add a Diamond Tail heifer or breeding bull to your herd, you can be assured that this animal has been given no special treatment. Our animals are hardy and self-sufficient, producing calves that exhibit these traits as well. These are traits that enable ranchers to make profits, not always an easy task in today’s agricultural environment.


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